Modeste Beer Festival -Atoned & Stoned

Modeste Beer Festival -Atoned & Stoned

To Beer or Not to Beer

The Antwerp Beer College which organises Antwerp’s main beer event, the Modeste Beer Festival, had a problem with Ginger Tipple. Legally in Belgium it is not a beer as it is brewed without any grains or malts. On the other hand, it tastes similar to a beer, is a great gluten-free alternative and they want beer-lovers to giver it a try at the festival.

The festival is named of Modeste De Koninck, one of the main founders of the De Koninck brewery, Antwerp’s main brewhouse. The event is held in one of the premises of De Koninck 50 meters from the main brewery over the first weekend of October. 25 brewers offer their beverages in the main hall and outside there are some other stands for beer related products such as jewelry, foods and sauces.

What could they do to accommodate Ginger Tipple?

Creative Thinking

After a couple of pints, they decided to invite Ginger Tipple to exhibit, but not in the main hall. Everybody is happy, the Antwerp Beer College has not compromised on its pure definition of beer and Ginger Tipple is happy to attend.

Day of AtonementGinger Beer, Gluten-free beer

The next problem was that the first day of the festival is the Day of Atonement, the holiest Jewish day of the year! No problem they said. My stand will be for Dame Jeane‘s range of mustards and sauces on Saturday, and I will be allowed to exhibit on Sunday – only after proof of my atonement. As good or not so good Catholics, they quite like the idea of confession one day a year. By the way,┬áPatrick Theunissen produces a wonderful range of champagne styled beers.

Support Ginger Tipple

Take a break on Sunday and visit the Modeste Beer Festival and support Ginger Tipple!

Looking forward to seeing you there.




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