Golden Hops Writes About Ginger Tipple

New Beer Magazine

BelgiBeer recently launched its new beer magazine, Golden Hops. Available in English, French and Dutch, it takes a closer look at some of Belgium’s top breweries and other stories about beer, hops etc.

BelgiBeer also  has a blog which has some interesting articles, especially those written by this blogger 🙂 My review of Duvel’s recently launched bourbon barrel aged beer can be read here.

Ginger Tipple

Of course, they had to write an article about Belgium’s newest take on the definition of beer, Ginger Tipple. While I am not crazy about the picture they took of me outside the micro-brewery, it was a good article. It can be read here.

Ginger Beer








One of the other perks of writing for a beer magazine is that I get to drink some absolutely wonderful beers, so when the editor asked me to write an article about the world’s best beer, Westvleteren, I impressed upon him that it would take at least 2 bottles of each type, 6, 8 and 12, in order to compose anything worthy of publishing.

Look out for the next issue.

We’re Not The Only Ones

I thought that Ginger Tipple was the only gluten-free, alcoholic dry ginger beer on the market. There are a few sweet or semi-dry alcoholic ginger beers such as Crabbies, Stones or Hollows and Fentimans, which I am familiar with.

Gingers Revenge

Until yesterday that is, when I came across Gingers Revenge from Ashville North Carolina. I had a long chat with the owner, David Ackley, and we both felt a bit like the scientists at NASA finally discovering that there others like us out there.

In fact, while I was talking to Dave, I came up with the idea of a ginger beer brewers association. This is quite important for us brewers because we cannot enter most beer competitions as we do not use any grains or malt, perhaps if there are enough of us, they might create a new beer category.

Ginger Beer












Great Ideas

Gingers Revenge is only available on draft for the time being, and is brewed in a variety of flavours such as Orange Mint, Lemon Thyme, Thai/Basil, Dry-Hopped and Lime Agave. Inspiration for future Ginger Tipple products.


They are not Kosher for Passover, which keeps us unique.