Ginger Tipple in the Belgian Sun

Yes it’s true, Friday 21st July was a sunny day in Belgium, at least where I was in Herentals. One of my distributors, the fine food and drink purveyor Van Ecclepoel hosted a small beer fair for 6 of their brewers outside their shop in Herentals. They sell and distribute an impressive array of Belgian beers, obviously including Ginger Tipple.

It was a public holiday for Belgium’s national day, and the Rabbi came to inspect my brewery, so I was running late for the beer fair and did not have time to buy some sun lotion. The sun beamed its rays on me and I was roasting.

For the next five hours, a lot of people approached my stand and tasted. Some did not like it, some were being polite saying that it was ‘special’ while other really enjoyed it. One older man who is a warrant officer 2nd class in the Belgian army stayed there enjoying quaff after quaff but commented that the ginger beer was not cold enough. Another lady came back for thirds!

The mother of the main beer salesman, Lode, as a ginger lover drank her first alcoholic drink in 0ver 50 years, a Ginger Tipple, and then wanted to dance with me.

What was most gratifying was the way the other brewers, who all turn out excellent beers, reacted to tasting Ginger Tipple.

VICUS bier
Brouwerij Savio
Ivan Geudens van Vals Paterke

They were all impressed with what we have achieved without using any malt or grains. At the end, we swapped bottles – and now for the best part of being a brewer – enjoy drinking them.

As for the sunburn, the 1st degree burns caused so much swelling on my forehead that it almost ironed out all of my wrinkles.

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