New Customer of the Week

An acquaintance of mine,  wanted to help Ginger Tipple be successful in Holland. The first meeting she arranged was with an online gluten-free business in Leiden called Here is what happened.

Ginger Beer
The team

I walked in, we sat down, they poured some Ginger Tipple into some plastic cups, and decided to buy, all within 2 minutes and 40 seconds – I timed it.

Definitely worth travelling 2 hours each way.




Backhanded Compliment

After a lot of effort and persistence on Shifra’s part, we finally had a meeting at a large drinks shop in nearby Wilrijk called Albo. This shop stock about 200 beers and countless gins, wines and other alcoholic beverages.

Ginger Beer

The Albo shop is run by a husband and wife team and I duly presented a cold Ginger Tipple for tasting. She does not like ginger and he did not like the tipple.

But they still ordered.


It will be on Albo’s shelves from mid-September.


Drive-in & Store
Frans van Dunlaan 63, 2610 Wilrijk