It is amazing. I sent an email to 300 close contacts for the crowdfunding campaign for Ginger Tipple on

Some people called me to ask what it was all about, they did not understand a thing. It is very simple.

Crowdfunding is a platform to raise money from a lot of people. In return they either receive shares in the company, which is straight forward. Alternatively, they prepay for the company’s products, either at a discount or sith extra benefits, which helps the company move to the manufacturing stage.

For Ginger Tipple, we are offering extra marketing items such beer glasses, an apron, a recipe book or a “Tipple till you Topple” T-Shirt.

Just in time for Antwerp’s Heatwave

Cafe Stanny near Antwerp’s Berchem station started selling Ginger Tipple yesterday, perfect timing for the heatwave which has just hit Belgium.

Stanny’s owner, Hannah, commented that one of her barmen saw the recent article in Flanders Today¬†and after tasting they decided to order. Although she does not drink alcohol, she relies on her staff’s recommendations and looks forward to the reactions of her customers.

I have frequently passed this cafe and it is always busy, everyday of the week, anytime of the year.