Ginger Tipple


Ginger Tipple is a zingy and fresh ginger beer fermented with the finest natural gingers and sugars. Each ginger root is peeled and grated by hand. We hand bottle and the carbonation is natural. Of course, we regularly taste the Ginger Tipple!


Jeremy Sulzbacher, the CGO – Chief Ginger Officer – was inspired to make the Ginger Tipple to drink on Passover when religious Jews cannot drink regular beers. The result is a gluten free beer style drink. After almost 30 years as an accountant, he finally saw the light


We are located in Antwerp, Belgium. But are in the process of ramping up to go commercial, with interests to distribute the Ginger Tipple in Russia, India, USA, Israel and Europe.
If you are interested in investing or distributing the Ginger Tipple, please contact +32 472 23 66 55.